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Individual protective packaging with sterile barrier properties
Packaging and shipping
Individual protective packaging with sterile barrier properties

Single-use systems are vulnerable to many external factors that have the potential to damage the packaging and impair the performance of the product contained within. Such external factors include shocks (due to dropping), vibrations, and compression, as well as environmental elements like fluctuations in temperature and humidity, and alterations in altitude.

If there is a necessity, we are equipped to undertake transport validation to ensure that products adhere to their specific transportation and storage conditions.

By engaging in transit testing on the packaging of single-use systems, we are able to ascertain the integrity of our packaging design, which encompasses primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of packaging.

 Using widely recognized industry benchmarks for package distribution testing (commonly referred to as transit testing), either as a supplement or alternative to field testing, empowers us to alleviate risks that could have detrimental effects on product performance.

In alignment with customer specifications, our products are packaged either singularly or in multipacks, and are available in sterile or polyethylene (PE) bags. For products that necessitate sterility, we employ protective packaging that satisfies the requisite sterile barrier properties as stipulated by industry standards.