AranBiotech's Legacy Shaped by a Joint Venture with Aran Group & Biopharmax
AranBiotech is part joint venture between
Aran Group & Biopharmax

AranBiotech emerged from a shared passion for excellence and a deep commitment to patient safety. The fusion of Aran Packaging, renowned internationally for pioneering ‘bag in box’ technology with a strong focus on the food and beverage industry, and BioPharmax, a leading global Engineering and Consulting firm catering to the pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical sectors, gave rise to the creation of AranBiotech.

Harnessing the subject matter expertise from both organizations, we envisioned a cutting-edge enterprise specializing in state-of-the-art solutions for ‘Single-Use Systems’. As the Healthcare industry’s demands are rigorous and uncompromising, we possess a profound understanding of these requirements. We recognize that cleaning and sterilization, apart from being time-consuming, present significant cost barriers. Acknowledging these industry challenges, we made a strategic decision to embark on the manufacturing of high-quality, cost-effective Single-Use Bags as our flagship product.

At AranBiotech, quality is ingrained in every aspect of our operations, from manufacturing to pre-sterilization and product packaging. Moreover, we hold a deep appreciation for the importance of individuals, be it the broader patient community or our dedicated employees. With an unwavering commitment to a healthy and safe work environment, we ensure that people always remain our top priority.

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AranBiotech is part joint venture between Aran Group & Biopharmax


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