Discover our Diverse Product Range: Explore the Possibilities
Beside the manufacture of existing products, our particular strength includes new and further product development.

Within the following pages, you’ll find a comprehensive overview of our product range. Our capabilities encompass the production of manually crafted small series as well as automated manufacturing of large-scale series. Should you have specific inquiries, we invite you to utilize our contact form or reach out to us directly.

At the core of our expertise lies not only the manufacturing of existing products but also our distinct proficiency in uncovering special solutions and driving new product development. To accomplish this, we leverage a wide array of materials and benefit from an exceptional network of suppliers and experts. Depending on the product and its intended use, we offer sterilization options including ETO, gamma, or steam-sterile designs. Moreover, both products and packaging can be individually tailored with custom printing or labeling.

Biotech Products

Manufacturing of Biotechnological Systems for Various Applications

Cryo bags

Bags and Systems at Ultra-Low Temperatures down to (-196°C )

Tube sets

Individual tube sets production

Customized bags

Customized Bag Solutions for Every Application

Other Products

Tailored production for Medical, Biotech and Food tech.